How to Clean and Maintain Your Motorcycle Chain

The chain is a very crucial component of a motorcycle, because it’s responsible for transferring all the horsepower to the back wheel. If your chain isn’t in good condition, your bike will be less efficient, producing less total power cleaning wipes.

Why Do Motorcycle Chains Need Maintenance?
Everyday road conditions and weather like rain, mud, dirt, dust, etc. all put wear and tear on your chain, reducing its efficiency and life span.

Many motorcycles are made with what is called an “O-Ring sealed chain.” This kind is totally open to the atmosphere, and utilizes a normal chain guard to prevent any major damage to the chain. These generally wear out a lot faster and require more maintenance than standard chains, but all motorcycle chains need standard maintenance.

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Tips:
You need to keep your chain lubricated, clean and properly adjusted to lengthen its lifespan and get the most power out of the motorcycle. If you have a standard chain cover, you will need to take it off to properly take care of maintenance.

Do not use water to clean the chain, since it will rust the links and can permanently damage it. Use a good quality motorcycle chain cleaner as recommended by your owners manual. If it is very dirty, use a soft brush to remove any dirt and dust particles. When the chain is clean, wipe it off with a clean dry cloth.

There are lots of types of motorcycle chain lubricants, from waxes to spray lubricants, and many people swear by using used motor oil. Check your owners manual to see if there are any specific recommendations. If not, try a high quality chain wax.

Chain Tension:
Your motorcycles chain must have the proper tension, or it as well the sprockets will wear out quicker, plus you will lose power. Most motorcycles need around 2 – 4 mm of free play in a vertical (or up and down) motion.

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